Water Metering & Quality Monitoring (Wireless Low cost)


  • Water Metering and Monitoring.
  • pH and TDS monitoring.
  • Water Level Indication system for UG Sump.
  • Pump automation.
  • Dry Run Protection for Pumps.
  • Network connective – LoRa / Internet .
  • Monitoring mobile app and Dash board.
  • Sms, Email and Mobile alters.
  • Accurate and Real time Remote Monitoring of:
    Water consumption.
    Water flow.
    pH level
    Amount of TDS.
    Water level of the UG Sump.
  • Accurate measurement with Flow Meter, pH, TDS Meter.
  • Easy To install.
  • Cloud connected.
  • Live data on dashboards.
  • Daily, weekly and Monthly reports in CSV.
  • Long life operation.
  • Alerts and Alarms for Low Water level, High or Low pH, High TDS.

  • Accept tanker water only if the water is fit for usage and drinking.
  • Easy and accurately measure the water transferred from tanker to UG sump.
  • Easy data Logging and Report Generation.
  • Elimination of health problems caused by dirty water.
  • Save Money wasted on the buying poor quality water.
  • Less Resource.
  • To keep record of water usage.
  • Increasing cost of fresh water.
  • Water Leakage.
  • Unauthorized use.
  • Conventional method is not efficient and accurate as well.