T4 GPS Location and Machine On-Off Logger with App and Dashboard

T4 Machine Status logger & Transfer Unit, designed to fully meet the needs of industrial standards and industrial users. It logs the location and operation time i.e. on-off Status of the machine. At the time of machine on as well as off, it logs the data with time stamp and GPS location into onboard memory. It has inbuilt BLE and comes with the mobile app, which makes it easy to read and store all the data into a mobile app, which can be synced later to the cloud. Configuration of the device can be done from the mobile app easily. Mobile App uses smart phone’s built-in Bluetooth capability to read the data from this device when paired with mobile phone. The App captures all the data stored in the device an then sends and stores in the cloud. Data from the cloud is used to build User Interactive Dashboard for Data Visualisation, Device management, and configuration. Easy to deploy and it provides a secure and reliable machine for IoT and M2M applications where mobile network is not available.

Features of T4 Machine Status logger & Transfer Unit

  • Logging of machine status i.e. On/Off.
  • Location Status Logging.
  • Mobile App for reading data from the device and sending to the cloud.
  • Inbuilt BLE for transferring data to Mobile App.
  • Data recording in Cloud.
  • Onboard storage for storing data up to 3 Years.
  • Central Monitoring and Control from one dashboard.
  • Ease of use Dashboard with data visualization.
  • Detailed Custom Reports.
  • User-friendly interface that is easy and convenient for use.
  • Reliable operation.