Power Monitoring & Control

24x7 Electrical Monitoring & Metering.

Why we need to?

  • To prevent Unauthorized use.
  • To prevent Energy wastage.
  • To use it wisely.
  • To prevent increased electricity bills.
  • To monitor which area consumed more energy.
  • Manual energy auditing consumes lots of time .

For this, we provide

  • Software connected Wireless Energy metering solution.
  • Real-time Energy Monitoring with dashboards.
  • Alerts and alarms for excess and no use of energy in an area.
  • Mobile app with Notifications.
  • Daily, weakly and Monthly reports.
  • Automated Energy auditing.
  • Easy to install.


  • More accurate bills.
  • Automatic energy auditing saves a lot of time.
  • Prevention of unauthorised use.
  • Better understanding of your usage.
  • Better Management of electricity to Reduce energy cost.
  • Have greater control of your energy consumption.
  • Ai Based recommendations for load balancing & switching.
  • Ai based energy requirement plan for upcoming month.
  • Ai based Consumption patterns visualization.