Multilocation, Multisafety System Supported Single CMS

Requirement: Nowadays, there are multiple devices and system are required in a retail store, and new devices and Monitoring all the devices and system is not possible as each system and device is having its own console.

Our Solution:

  • Wireless Retail IBMS with One Single CMS for Real-time Monitoring all devices and system.
  • CCTV, Access Control System, Alarm panel Monitoring and Controlling from One Single CMS.
  • LoRa Based Wireless Sensor for Monitoring GenSet, Energy meters, UPS health and battery, Fire door status, Lux, Environment and Smoke and Gas Sensor.
  • Easy to integrate with your existing system.
  • Immediate alerts for any unwanted activity.
  • Download Report In CSV for Any Sensor or Any System.
  • Monitor, Control and Optimize and Take better Decisions