Indoor BLE

Indoor Navigation, Indoor Positioning, Indoor Analytics and Indoor Tracking for Warehouse Monitoring with BLE & LoRa

Requirement: Modern production processes are automated from order entry and processing to production. But determining the current location of work equipment or goods is very difficult in indoor. Usually some containers or work equipment go missing and required to be searched by workers. This interrupts the automation chain and search times adds the additional cost for load carriers. PS is reliable in outdoor but it does not work reliably within interior spaces. Also, with GPS, super-precise indoor tracking of people and determining the current location of work equipment or goods in the warehouse or any indoor premises is very difficult.

Our Solution:

  • Indoor positioning system with BLE and LoRa
  • Track every object in the warehouse by putting small tracking devices.
  • Track objects within 5-meter radius.
  • Easy to deploy wireless sensor solutions
  • Integrated with the gateway, Bluetooth beacons, LoRA Nodes, dashboard & positioning system.
  • Interactive Cloud Dashboard with E-Map for complete monitoring and tracking.
  • Asset manager dashboard help you to manage the Goods and work equipment’s.
  • Gain insights on production workflow
  • Improve shop floor productivity
  • Easily track inventory in warehouses
  • Improve office workflow patterns
  • Increase safety and security aspects in factories
  • Know the location of contractors and workers
  • On-premise deployment for a secure environment
  • Low maintenance, long range & 5 year battery life.