Hospital Monitoring System

For Hospitals, We Have:

  • Environment Monitoring.
  • Water Metering & Monitoring.
  • Electrical Metering & Monitoring.
  • Wireless Nurse Calling System.
  • Generator Set Monitoring.
  • UPS & Power Backup Monitoring.
  • Life Saving Machine Monitoring.
  • Oxygen Level and Pressure Monitoring.

24x7 Oxygen Pressure & Level Monitoring


  • Empty oxygen cylinders cause life threat to patients.
  • Difficulty to monitor oxygen level every O2 cylinder in Hospitals.
  • Less assurance that oxygen bottles are fully charged.
  • Lots of Human Efforts are required to constant check and maintain oxygen.
  • Oxygen leaks can cause disaster.
  • No automated system to cut oxygen supply in case of fire.
  • Poor Inventory management od oxygen cylinders.

We have solution:

  • Real-time O2 level and pressure Monitoring with dashboards.
  • Wireless, Easy to Deploy.
  • Oxygen leak and pressure drop alerts.
  • Real-time Oxygen level updates on CMS.
  • Alerts & alarms for critical situations.
  • Mobile App connected.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Daily, weakly and Monthly reports for Oxygen Consumption.