Hachuring Monitoring Reporting System

Why IOT for Poultry

IoT devices can be connected to each other and controlled to improve efficiency, which in turn has direct effects on the productivity of the egg or hen. Poultry IOT system created to deliver real time, consistent process monitoring through every level of poultry operations. More can be done in less time and also shed wise monitoring can be done in single screen locally or globally in PC or Mobile APP. The IoT software and appliances allow workers to accomplish large-scale tasks in a faster and error-free fashion.

Advantages of Poultry IOT

  • Real time monitoring can be done locally or globally.
  • Alarm or alert can be provided to for any threshold breaches.
  • Easily integrated to any ERP applications to check the standards vs actuals for analytical purpose.
  • Data can be automatically recorded.
  • Human data entry errors will be avoided get the real time machine data with accurate value.
  • Human resources expense may reduce.
  • Improve efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
  • Fine-tune the productivity.
  • Reduce the productivity cost.
  • Run with low power long range Wireless sensors.

Proposed Solution for Hatchery

Transfour Hatchery automation systems created and delivered the status of hatchery operation in a Single window. Transfour continuously monitor the environmental changes (Temp, Humility), Fan running status and power failure in a Hatchery. All the collected data has been collected and stored in a cloud it can be access real-time any ware in the globe.


  • Temperature
  • Humility
  • Fan running status
  • Egg Tray Tilting status
  • Fan RPM
  • Power monitoring for machine


  • Environment alerts (Temperature, Humility etc.)
  • Fan failure alert.
  • Power failure alerts.

Optional Features

  • Primary heating status monitoring
  • Secondary heating status monitoring
  • Solenoid valve status monitoring