First GPS tracking System with BLE & Lora Multi Device Integration/ Customised HW and Software.

Requirement: The ordinary GPS trackers and not perfect for every use case. For ATM machines, we need immediate tamper switch not just a GPS tacker. Same as for Cold storage trucks we need live temperature monitoring with the live tracking. Another Use case is the item tracking only when it is robbed. These all things are not possible with ordinary GPS tracker

Our Solution:

  • GPS tracker with Multi device integration, Such as tamper switch, temperature sensor, BLE beacons.
  • Track the item/vehicle accurately with high precision GPS and Variety of connectivity options 4G, Lora Sensors, BLE sensors, Temperature & Humidity Sensors, Theft safety sensors, Door status, access control sensors, and BLE
  • Attendance sensors.
  • Fully Customisable as per your needs.
  • Alert at the time of Robbery or Unauthorised activity with BLE Device disconnection.
  • Real-time Monitoring on Clod Dashboard and Mobile app.