Footfall Counting System

Our solution:

  • T4 Foot fall counting system provides highly accurate, anonymous information about how people move into, around, and out of your retail stores.
  • Measuring sales conversion by counting the number of customers, compared with the number of sales.
  • Provide insight into how a store is performing in turning browsers into buyers.
  • Measure and compare the one store performance with other.
  • Real-time Reports with deeper insight for Demographic analytics.
  • Access any store data at anytime from anywhere with Web Based CMS and Mobile app
  • Alerts and notifications for ideal sitting and unattended customers.
  • 98%+ accurate bidirectional people counting as well as gender, age and facial expression recognition.

Footfall & Head counting with Retail Analytics

  • People de-duplication using deep learning algorithms.
  • Staff & Customer differentiation.
  • Heat map based on the area people spending more time in store.
  • Low power consumption with continuous data transmission to cloud for web CMS
  • Works even without internet with support of existing CCTV camera.
  • Use data to support your business decision to Improve Store Performance
  • Cloud based Daily & Weekly Footfall and Sales conversion Report on Dashboard and by Email.
  • Easy installation with plug and play operation.


  • In the retail stores, the most important insights when it comes to making your marketing count.
  • Generally people visits to the stores and keeps sitting in stores for long time without buying anything.
  • Some people who comes for buying remains unattended by the store’s staff which degrades the store sales and values in the market.
  • Performance of the store sales w.r.t people visited remains uncalculated