Failover System

Failover system (Smart PDU or ATM Monitoring system (with video or without video)

The Transfour IoT product line offers an active monitoring solution designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause downtime or disruption to your IT infrastructure. Transfour Smart Power Distribution Unit integrates with power system, security system and Internet connectivity for Branch office/ ATM / Banks / Jewellery Stores. Being immediately aware of Power failure, UPS down, NVR Down and Interoffice connectivity down. The system is rack mountable with inbuilt battery backup And 4G ready. You just need to Plug the 4G Adapter and your security devices and you are ready to go. In case of abnormal event happens, it will rapidly give alarm notifications with email, SMS, or Push Notification etc., for a 24x7 hours real-time monitoring of remote locations Branch office/ ATM / Banks / Jewellery Stores.