Environment Monitoring

But why?

  • To maintain patient comfort.
  • To prevent damage of valuable laboratory items such as:
    Blood Banks.
    Medical fridges.
    Blood/tissues and other samples.
  • To maintain the areas that require strict, temperature-controlled conditions:
    Operating theaters.
    Drugs & vaccines storage.
    Neonatal area.
    Food service.
  • Temperature and humidity (This product is wireless with low power consumption and long range signal)

Temperature monitoring and alarming system is designed specifically for hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical facilities and other critical temperature monitoring areas. The system can be used to monitor a single temperature location or expanded to include hundreds of locations by adding additional transmitters. Sensors are Long Range Wireless, Low power consuming with battery life up to 2 to 5 years. It is plug and play device. All data can be visualised on dashboard with push notification, alerts and alarms.

  • Smoke & gas monitoring (This product is wireless with low power consumption and long range signal)

This system is same as temperature and humidity monitoring system with different sensors.

We provide:

  • Environment Monitoring system.
  • Live Dashboards with Critical Situation Alarms and Alerts.
  • Software connected with Mobile App.
  • Daily, weekly and Monthly reports.
  • Automatic Triggering of Fans/AC/Exhaust fans.
  • Long range Wireless. Plug and Play operation.
  • Battery operated.


  • Monitor Environment from anywhere.
  • Higher efficiency, higher satisfaction.
  • Reduces loss and save money.
  • Easy – and accurate – compliance.
  • Supporting patient safety.
  • Improved Drug management.
  • Long Range wireless.